Electrician In LA – Fire Alarm Trobleshooting

If your home or commercial fire alarm system is not working correctly it can result is disasterous results.

We, at 4 Over Electric (Los Anfire-alarmgeles Electricians) are experts at firm alarm installation and troubleshooting.

For example, the problem could be one that is feared by most electricans – a ground fault.

A ground fault happens when one of the components in the system is short-circuited to a ground potential. In a fire alarm system, this can happen when an exposed electrical wire or is touching a metalic object, such as a ceiling grid or a junction box.

Sometimes this is “fixed” by removing a ground jumper in the system. This is NOT the way as it can cause the normal operation of the whole system to become faulty and fail to work.

We have the equipment and the expertise to troubleshoot, find and repair fire alarm problems fast.