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New Constructions. Remodels & Renovations.

Upgrading Electrical Panels and New Circuits

When selecting a company to provide new construction services you must select one that has experience - and lots of it - with new construction codes, best practices and methods.

When a new circuit is required you can rest assured that it is done ofr the right reasons and done with the utmost care for the safety of you and your home or office. No matter the type of circuit - 110 volt, 220 volt, computer, dedicated or ground fault - we have the experience to install them correctly and efficiently.

And we know how to clean up after the work we do!

Data, TV & Phone Cabling

Residential and Industrial Properties

Larger projects for commercial or industrial facilities require an electrical service that can meet the increased demands when time and money is critical. We, at 4 Over Electric, have decades of experience working directly with commercial and industrial facility owners and contractors in LA to satisfy these demands.

Our certified, highly trained, professional electricians can meet the challenge of your project and work within your budget to complete any size job on-time and to your 100% satisfaction.

Landscape Lighting. Generator Installation.

24/7 Emergency Service

There are so many options you can select such as lighting pathways, fountains, pools & jacuzzis, driveways, lawn areas or trees and shrubs. But, wherever you need lighting in your outside spaces, we can do the job.

We will make sure we use energy efficient equipment, make sure that the lighting is focused on the correct spaces, make sure the lighting is safe for you and for passers by (and motorists) - and above all, make sure the landscape lighting meets your needs exactly. Here are some design tip that will help enhance your outdoor lighting project:

  • Concealing the source of light makes a great effect so there is no glare.
  • Avoid reflected light by installing lights away from tall grass or thick shrubs.
  • Backlighting can cast silhouettes which will increase the "mood" of the lighting.
  • Path lights should be spaced correctly - about 10 feet apart and should be alternated on both sides so it does not look like a runway.
  • Use lenses of color such as pale blues and greens to take the yellow "tinge" out of halogen lighting.
  • Use timers and motion detectors to switch lighting on and off.
  • Call us today (Los Angeles Electricians) so we can discuss your landscape lighting project.