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Valley Village Electrician Advises Clients on Reducing Power Consumption

Are you aware that houses are the largest consumers of electricity on earth, resulting in contribution of highest levels of greenhouse gas emissions, since power generation by conventional fuels like fossil fuels, coal, etc. emit large amounts of Carbon Dioxide? As such, the average home is a major source of global warming than automobiles and industries. Valley Village electrician sincerely advises clients about methods to reduce power consumption and achieve maximum energy conservation. The Los Angeles electrical contractor counsels customers to switch first to energy-efficient lights. This could be easily done by discarding the traditional incandescent light bulbs and installing compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Each CFL bulb not only lowers your electricity bill but also reduces around 300 Kg of CO2 out of the surrounding air during the lifetime of the bulb. Further, the electrician Los Angeles is personally aware that the life of CFL bulbs is much longer and the energy consumption is only one-fourth of traditional bulbs. The latest technological advancement in lighting is the introduction of LED bulbs, which are even more efficient than CFL bulbs.

Valley Village electrician also advocates that clients use energy-efficient appliances. Very few of us are aware of the actual operating costs and energy efficiency of the various electrical and electronic appliances and equipment that we use regularly in homes and offices. When you buy a refrigerator having Energy Star label, it means that the refrigerator would use at 15% lesser energy than the actual federal requirement. At the same time, you would also be reducing CO2 pollution by about a ton during the lifetime of the refrigerator.

At 4overelectric.com as reputed Los Angeles electrical contractor, we not only provide quality electrical installation service to our customers but also constantly emphasize on energy conservation to reduce monthly electricity bills as well as reduction of carbon footprint. If you wish to know more about methods of energy saving, talk to our experts at phone numbers: 1 (818)-437-4515 or 1 (323)-422-1653.

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