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Venice Electrician Follows Accepted and Proven Electrical Installation Standards

When you choose a Venice electrician, you should ensure that the electrician Los Angeles is familiar with all electrical installation standards and complies with them meticulously. A good Los Angeles electrical contractor would conduct stringent pre-commissioning electrical tests along with strict visual inspections before connecting the electrical installation of your building to the local electrical supply network. These tests, regulations, rules, and standards of electrical installations vary from one place to another according to the laws of local bodies, state governments, and federal governments. However, the most accepted international electrical installation standard is IEC 60364-6-61 and other related IEC standards. Venice electrician that you engage for the electrical installation of your building should be quite familiar with such standards.

The following electrical tests and visual inspection checks are part of the routine checking that the Los Angeles electrical contractor conducts before commissioning an electrical installation in any building.

  • Insulation tests of cables and all wiring conductors between both phases and between both phases and earth
  • Conductivity and continuity tests of all equipotential, earth-bonding, and protective conductors
  • Resistance test of earthing electrodes
  • Verification of correct operation of all interlocks
  • Verifying whether the number of socket outlets for each circuit is within allowable limits
  • Cross sectional area checking of all conductors for adequate short circuit levels by considering the associated protective materials, devices, and conditions of installation
  • Ensuring that all exposed metallic parts are grounded
  • Checking all clearance distances in each bathroom

At 4overelectric.com, these tests are part of our routine before connecting an electrical installation to the supply source. As leading Los Angeles electrical contractor, we educate all our engineers and technicians about international electrical installation standards. To obtain the best qualified Venice electrician, call the phone numbers: 1 (818)-437-4515 or 1 (323)-422-1653.

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